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The best thing about us is you.

That's why our PT billing solution highlights your brand, not ours.

How does VantageRCM put the spotlight on you?

1. We answer patient phone calls as YOU

Patient phone support is a critical part of the patient care experience, and we get it. That’s why as a VantageRCM client, you’ll get your very own toll-free phone number which we’ll use to answer incoming calls from your patients as, “ABC Physical Therapy, how can we help you today?” Though you’ll be in love with VantageRCM, your patients love YOU, and that’s how we intend to keep it.


2. Patient statements reflect YOUR brand

When your patients receive statements for balances due, they’ll see one brand represented – yours. We keep the VantageRCM brand hidden from sight, so your patients know who they’re paying and why. Your dedicated toll-free phone line will be provided on each statement, which allows VantageRCM to answer patient phone calls on behalf of YOUR practice when your customers call.

3. Online payments from YOUR website

Through our integrated online payment processor, your patients can make online payments through a direct connection from your website. As patient payments are entered, the VantageRCM receives them on our end, posting to patient accounts in real time. We make payment processing easy for your patients, and we keep it all about your brand.


And that's just a taste for how we treat your brand. Wanna learn more?