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“My AR is out of control.”

Your AR over 90 days is growing out of control. You can’t seem to rein it in. Confidence is fading that your outsourced PT billing solution will get you back on the right track. You’re ready to get things cleaned up and switching billing companies is the answer.

But you have to get it right this time. You can’t afford to make the same mistake again, and you need a PT billing solution that will get you on the right path — right away. You want payment within 30 days on most claims, with AR over 90 days the exception, not the rule.

That’s what you need, and that’s what you’ll get with VantageRCM.  Here’s how we do it.

“I’m kept in the dark.”

When you ask questions about your outstanding claims, you deserve answers. And you need them timely, honestly, and accurately from a team of experts who knows your practice and payers. Being kept in the dark about your accounts receivable has caused you great frustration, and it needs to stop.

The business decisions you need to make are based on your cash flow, and having access to the information necessary to make these decisions is too important to put in the hands of an RCM team who can’t (or won’t) keep these numbers close to the vest.

If you have questions about a claim, a payer, or anything else related to your accounts managed through VantageRCM, you’ll get answers.  Find out more about our detailed reporting.

“I can’t pay my bills.”

At the end of the day, we are all about cash flow. Getting you paid fast and fully. Making sure you can make payroll and your lease payment, with money to spare for you and your family. You need peace of mind that your cash flow will be consistent — same as your expenses.

VantageRCM will stay on top of your charge submissions, payment postings, and denial management in order to keep your cash flowing, day in and day out, across the payer mix and patient demographics you choose for your practice.  Learn about our experienced billing team.


“Vantage Physical Therapy Billing cut my accounts receivable over 90 days in half.”

Andy Lodato, PT, Owner
PhysioCare Physical Therapy
Woodinville, WA

We're here to help make the switch as painless as possible.