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All the physical therapy billing features you need.

(And plenty more you'll want)

We’ve got your PT billing must-haves.

Claims submission

Our physical therapy billing team utilizes a combination of manual and electronic claims submission processes, ensuring optimal first-pass acceptance by the clearinghouse.

Payment processing

Using a comprehensive set of dashboard metrics, our payment posting team is in a race to get your payments posted to your account each and every day.

Insurance collections

Your payers aren’t the enemy, but they can sure act like it sometimes. When your payers deny claims or don’t pay timely, our AR team is on the case to get you paid in full.

Patient collections

We treat your patients like they’re our patients, working with them to facilitate easy payments via monthly statement processing and flexible payment options.

Your EMR is our EMR

Whatever EMR you use, our physical therapy billing team is on the back end of your system — achieved through electronic integration or through daily report uploads.

Account management

Each account gets its own client account manager, meaning our team is your team. Let your therapy billing quarterback lead you down field.

… and a whole lot more.

Deposit service

Never resting, we move your money faster than you ever could, depositing your insurance and patient payments into your account every day.

Branded phone support

With your own unique, toll-free number, our therapy billing specialists answer billing inquiries from your patients as your brand, not ours.

Credit card processing

Through our integrated credit card processing partner, we accept your patients’ credit cards — with the ability to schedule patient autopayments per your financial policy.

Debt collections

When your patients don’t pay their physical therapy bill in a timely manner, our debt collections partner offers a transition into the dept collections process —per your direction.

Document management

Our paperless workflow uses a best-of-breed document management platform which advances your remittance advice quickly and securely through our billing process.

Intelligence Insights

Each month, you will have access to a set of detailed reports which capture the performance and behavior of your physical therapy billing accounts.

What makes VantageRCM work so well?

An experienced PT billing team.

As a VantageRCM client, you’ll grow accustomed to unmatched support from a team of PT billing specialists.

Your Client Account Manager

The quarterback of your physical therapy billing team, your client account manager is responsible for your account performance and is your point of contact for any operational or performance-related aspects of your account.

Your Current Accounts Specialist

Your current accounts specialist team scrubs charges, submits claims, posts payments, and communicates in real time with your practice to ensure all required information is submitted and posted to your account in a timely manner.

Your Accounts Receivable Specialist

The focus of your ARS team is on claims which are not resolved quickly. Working hard to understand and manage any payment delays, your ARS team is the second line of defense in our mission to get you paid fast and in full.

A culture of support

We’re customers just like you, and we know how we like to be treated. So that’s how we treat you.

We do this by mastering the simple. Things like picking up the phone when you call, and responding to email within hours — even if just to let you know we received your message.

We also do it through integration of the complex. We represent your brand in every encounter with your patients, and that’s why we set up a dedicated toll-free number for each practice we serve, answering on behalf of your brand, not ours.


“Vantage Therapy Billing is a trustworthy team of allies I have used for over four years. The customer service is excellent and they are well worth the investment!”

Erik Moen, PT, Owner
BikePT and Corpore Sano Physical Therapy

Leading-edge technology

Bringing you up to date with the latest technology, no matter how big or small.

Paperless processing

Through our best-of-breed enterprise content management (ECM) system, we boast a 100% paperless workflow for all payments and correspondence received by VantageRCM on your behalf.

Fax server

We plan to receive faxes for years to come, and that’s why we’ve invested in the latest fax server technology which allows for seamless integration into our paperless process environment.

Data warehouse

Our proprietary data warehouse records millions of data bits each and every day, providing our team with historical and predictive insights we use to maximize your account performance.

We specialize in you.

Making the switch

We’re here for you when you need to switch your PT billing solution.

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First-time outsourcing

Never outsourced your billing? We help you get started.

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Practice Startups

If you’re opening a clinic, we understand your needs.

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Partner integrations

It takes a village to produce VantageRCM, and we bring this community to you.

Merchant processing

Credit cards are part of today’s plastic culture, so we take ’em. Through our integrated merchant services partner, we accept your patients’ credit cards. We’ll even schedule patient autopayments, per your financial policy.

Debt collections

When patients don’t (or can’t) pay their physical therapy bills in a timely manner, our debt collections partner offers a client-directed transition into the collections process — as gentle or aggressive as you’d like.

Remote scanning

We work with your bank (or ours) to move money into your bank account fast. Remote scanning makes this possible, and we’ll interface directly with the technology available from you local bank to upload deposits remotely.

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