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Physical therapy billing is what we love, and we’re good at it. This allows our clients to excel at what they love — delivering high-class physical therapy. Let VantageRCM take the wheel as your PT billing solution while you focus on building that practice you’ve always dreamed of. Come on, isn’t it time?


Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.
When we say we’re easy, we mean it. VantageRCM lives in the world of insurance companies, patient statements, billing software, EMR, and more. In other words – all the stuff you don’t want to deal with.
We like to say we’re in the ‘headache management business’ because that’s exactly what we do – we help ease your billing and insurance headaches (if we could, we’d make sure they don’t happen in the first place, but insurance companies don’t let us off the hook either!).
From our swift onboarding process to our highly integrated connections to the nation’s top EMR platforms, Vantage Therapy Billing truly is Physical Therapy Billing Made EASY!

10 years and counting
Experience matters. You know this to be true with your own clientele, and it’s no different for us. As a physical therapist owned company for 10 years, we’re better now than we’ve ever been, and it’s because of our tenure in the PT billing business. Becoming a leading provider of PT billing services throughout the United States doesn’t happen overnight, and experience is one of the most important considerations that should be made when entrusting a firm to handle your money on your behalf.
We are great because of our people, processes, technologies, and partners with leading companies in the PT billing and EMR business.

Unsurpassed technology. Unparalleled processes.
At the end of the day, we move data that gets you paid. The faster the data moves, the faster your payments flow. Technology and process efficiency is the backbone to moving your data quickly through our system, and the partnerships and workflows we’ve created over the past 10 years are unbeatable in the industry.
From our electronic document management which boasts over 40 complex routing workflows depending on the required action, to our official partnerships with leading software companies in the industry, VantageRCM puts to the test the speed with which payments can be processed for your practice.


“Whether to access up-to-date reports or to check on the status of a claim, Vantage Physical Therapy Billing is always friendly and quick to answer my questions.”

Scott Wacker, PT, Owner
Movement Physical Therapy
Vail, CO